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Infinity Vault – Token Swap

Turn your dead loss tokens into real value!

Introducing the Infinity Vault, a pioneering, transparent, and tamper-proof asset repository in the ProviDAO ecosystem. Send selected tokens or NFTs into this permanent, public ledger, converting idle assets into tangible value. In return we send you PRD tokens at a pre-determined, very attractive exchange rate!

The Infinity Vault breathes life into potentially inactive tokens and projects from a curated selection of projects voted on by ProviDAO and PRD token holders.

“Imagine a transparent, immutable vault where users lock up tokens or NFTs, a ‘time capsule’ of sorts, that becomes an open museum of digital assets and also boosts your PRD”


Said Someone

  • Terms of Transaction
  • Token swaps are at a predetermined rate.
  • Swaps are final ( there is no undo )
  • You have to hold PRD to swap (x) token.
  • You can only swap (x) token up to the value of PRD you hold.