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What is ProviDAO?

ProviDAO is a groundbreaking platform that empowers users to access real revenue streams in the blockchain ecosystem through PRD tokens. ProviDAO offers a tangible path to sustainable financial growth and decentralized finance participation by harnessing strategic agreements and innovative yield strategies.

The Mechanism

Our platform is not just a service, it’s a gateway to sustainable, “real” revenue from across the blockchain ecosystem. By holding the PRD token, you gain access to a new financial landscape where the potential to earn real revenue is woven into the fabric of the system.

Right to Revenue

We have secured the right to receive a significant portion of the revenue generated by several trading platforms that align with our strategic objectives.

Yield Strategies

Our smart contracts execute autonomously on several diverse, real yield strategies.

Revenue Conversion

All revenue received is converted into USDC stablecoins and distributed to token holders.

Rewards Earned

All rewards are earned proportionally to the amount of PRD tokens that you hold in your wallet.

Hold PRD

PRD Token

With a fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens, the PRD token is more than just a digital currency. It’s a powerful tool that unlocks a world of possibilities for its holders. By simply keeping the PRD token in your wallet, you gain exclusive access to our diverse portfolio of revenue streams. Embrace the privilege of being part of our thriving ecosystem and let your PRD tokens pave the way to financial growth and prosperity.

ERC20 Token

Fixed Supply

No Vesting

Real Yield

Token Detail

1,000,000 max token supply
$250 per token
No seed round
No pre-sale
Fair launch
No VCs

Token Allocation

80% Public Sale
15% Incentives
3% Treasury
2% Marketing

Unlike traditional models, ProviDAO is built on the principles of inclusivity and active participation. When you buy PRD, you become a member, an integral part of this movement. Together, we are not just observers, we are pioneers, shaping the future of decentralized finance.

How we Earn Yield?

– Right to Revenue Agreements
– Arbitrage Yield Strategies
– Low-Risk Strategies
– Medium Risk Strategies

Right to Revenue:
Our strategic right-to-revenue agreements are at the core of our yield generation. These agreements allow us to capture revenue from trading and settlement fees on various platforms.

Arbitrage Yield Strategy:
This strategy leverages price differences between different exchanges. Our proprietary algorithms continuously identify these opportunities, execute transactions, and earn profits while maintaining low risk.

Low-Risk Strategy:
This strategy primarily involves low-volatility and traditional investments, offering a reliable and consistent yield.

Medium Risk Strategy:
Involves liquidity provision, yield farming on reputable platforms, and participating in vetted projects showing strong growth potential

In an era where traditional investment avenues are sub-optimal, ProviDAO presents a revolutionary, efficient, and risk-mitigated opportunity to earn yield in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Our unique strategy combines proven financial models with the transformative power of blockchain technology, facilitating diverse revenue streams for our members.


This roadmap is not just a plan; it’s a testament to our commitment to democratizing finance and fostering prosperity across the blockchain ecosystem. The initial phase of our journey was dedicated to conceptualizing ProviDAO and developing our proprietary PRD token that can truly unlock the potential of blockchain revenue streams.

Join the real yield club!

The Process

Buy PRD Tokens

$250 per PRD Token

Hold PRD Tokens

Accumulate Yield

Yield Airdropped

The rewards you earn are directly proportional to the number of PRD tokens you hold, giving you the freedom to decide your level of participation and potential earnings. Our fair launch means everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in ProviDAO’s exciting journey right from the beginning. We’ve deliberately chosen to withhold exchange and DEX listings for the next 90 days. Think of it as a 90-day lockup period, strategically designed to amplify our journey.

Get Started Now! 

The future of decentralized revenue generation is not just on the horizon – it’s here!


Join us at ProviDAO as we unlock new possibilities and shape the future of decentralized finance together. Buy, hold, and benefit while immersing yourself in the multifaceted realm of blockchain value creation.


We believe in the power of blockchain to democratize wealth and opportunity. We provide a platform for tokenholders to participate in revenue streams from diverse projects within the blockchain ecosystem.


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